German Shepherd Puppies in Bulacan, Central Luzon for sale

Pets and Animals

DOB: Feb. 29, 2016
Price: P22,000 (negotiable upon viewing)
Grandchildren of:
Xano Du Bergenie
Zicco Vom Uhlbachtal (DEU)
Yambo Vom Kahlenberger Land (GERM)
Timo Vom Trompetersprung (GERM)
Okiro Vom Monchberg (GERM)
Phil/Sing Gr Ch Quando Vom Kottersbusch (GERM)
Phil Ch Dandi V Der Reich
Color: black/tan
-With PCCI Paper(on-hand)
-Updated Dewormed
-with 2x 5in1 vacc upon released
-Double Coated
-Excellent Body Structure(XXL)
-Heavy Boned
-Big Head
-Big Paws
-Good Temperament
-Excellent Guard Dog
Diet: Beef Pro Puppy
Daily supported with vits(PetTabs, Kawu, Tiki2x,Ascorbic, Brewers Yeast, Yakult)